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We offers a comprehensive urological service to diagnose and treat kidney stone problems, urological cancers, incontinence, male infertility, impotence, female urology, paediatric urology, prostatic surgery and other urinary difficulties.

Urinary stones

Stone disease (calculi) is a very common problem all over the world. Percutaneous renal surgery: Here a 1 cm hole is made in the kidney to remove stones, after breaking them into smaller pieces the pain and discomfort is minimal, and the patient can go home in 48 hours. Ureteroscopic: Calculi from all parts of the Genitourinary system can be removed by this route without any hole, only natural passages are used. Patient can be discharged on the same day. Instruments are rigid, semi rigid and flexible. Laser energy is a good option for calculi fragmentation. Intrarenal stone surgery by flexible scopes and laser lithotripsy: Here, flexible scopes are passed through the urethra (from where one passes urine) and stones are removed after breaking them into smaller pieces by laser. The patients can be discharged within 24 to 48 hours.