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According to Ayurveda, the unique therapy of Panchakarma (meaning five actions) completely removes toxins from the body and mind. This method reverses the disease path from its manifestation stage, back into the bloodstream, and eventually into the gastrointestinal tract. It is achieved through special diets, oil massage, and steam therapy. At the completion of these therapies, special forms of emesis, purgation, and enema remove accumulated doshas from their sites of origin. Finally, Ayurveda rejuvenates-rebuilding the body’s cells and tissues after toxins are removed.

Before Panchakarma.

We do not recommend rushing Panchakarma because it is important that your lymphatic system and nervous system are ready to process the toxins and old emotions, beliefs and habits as they are released. We have found that it is best to book Panchakarma 4-8 weeks in advance.

New Patient Consult:

6-8 weeks before your Panchakarma start date, you will have an initial consult with Our Doctor to evaluate your health concerns and goals.If you have seen Our Doctor before, you will need to schedule a consult with him if it has been a year or more since your last consult.He will prescribe herbs, stress relief techniques, a lifestyle routine and Ayurvedic protocols to help remove the root cause of your symptoms and prepare you for Panchakarma.You will already begin to feel better even before your retreat starts!

Pre-Panchakarma Consult:

2-4 weeks before your Panchakarma start date, you will have a consult with Our Doctor to make any changes to your prescription and protocols and to prepare you for Panchakarma.

Oleation (Home Prep Cleanse):

7 days before your Panchakarma start date, you will do Oleation, which is a cleanse that you will do at home.Oleation helps you enter fat metabolism mode, pulls toxins from deep within your tissues to your digestive system for removal, balances blood sugar (and thus mood and energy), improves digestion, and opens your detox channels. Each morning you will drink increasing amounts of melted ghee, then follow a nonfat diet of khichdi (rice and beans), with steamed veggies and lean protein as needed.Oleation is easy for most people to do while working and continuing their regular life, though it does require some commitment. On the last day of Oleation, you will do a gentle laxative to remove any toxins that have accumulated in the intestinal tract. Panchakarma is an experience of transformation. You will experience a renewed sensation of healing from within, a powerful and potentially life-changing exchange of energy in your body, rejuvenating your spirit and soothing your soul. Each of the daily treatments you will be receiving, are designed to bring you into a deep experience of release. Each person will have different experiences. Day One: you may feel tired and experience a small amount of bloating or heaviness. Do not be concerned. This is normal. Day Two and Three: you may possibly feel a little lethargic and fatigued. This will pass as the liver is working hard to filter the blood of toxins. Emotions may feel engaged more than usual. Old memories may surface. Use the time to journal and release any emotional toxins that you have accumulated. Remember, the mind and body accumulate toxic build-up. Take it very easy and drink plenty of hot water and/or ginger tea. Whatever is happening, know that the body is deeply cleansing all toxins from the body. Continue to eat lightly and get plenty of rest. The Rounding Program of yoga asanas and pranayam that Dr. outlines for you will greatly enhance and smooth the process of purification. Day Four: You will start to feel lighter and better. If there were any clouds, the sun will start to break through. Continue to be easy and quiet, eat lightly and stay away from hard to digest foods. Rest as much as you can throughout the day. Continue with the Rounding Program. Drink plenty of hot water and ginger tea to help move the toxins out of the body. Day Five, Six, Seven +: You will start to feel more energetic and enlivened. Continue this rejuvenation as you journey home by setting the intention to nurture health and balance in your life. Basti (Oil Enema) During Panchakarma During your Panchakarma you will receive instructions to give yourself a Basti, or herb-infused oil enema, each evening before bed. The Basti is designed to rejuvenate and nourish the colon tissue. The LifeSpa Basti is a warm oil and herbal decoction enema that gently nourishes and rejuvenates the tissues of the colon, which generally experience excess air and dryness. Each Basti is a unique experience, so listen to your body and go when you need to. There should not be any cramping, diarrhea or forced elimination. This should be gentle and easy for you. If you experience any discomfort please let us know.