Upon arrival, the patient is received from the airport and then till his departure a lot of services are required, which are provided by us.

The idea is to ensure that everything goes as per initial planning. Right from accommodation to OPD Consultation to Admission in Hospital, everything should go as per plan.

The following is the list of services provided to help patient have a smooth process flow at the hospital and his relatives have a comfortable stay in India

      Receive the patient and his attendants at the Indian airport (ambulance, if required) and transfer them to the        accommodation/ hospital

      Take patient to the doctor for OPD consultation

      Assure that somebody is there with the patient during the time when tests and OPD consultations take place.       The patient will not have to run from pillar to post to find his way out for different tests and OPDs,until the        time the patient's procedure is fixed and is admitted.

      Pay frequent visits to the patient during his stay at the hospital and ensure that the attendants are   also       suitably looked after

      Keep the referral doctor of the patient well informed about the progress of the patient.

      Arrange for the attendants tours during the process of recuperation of the patient, if they require so or do   it        along with the patient, as per the wish of the family.

      Help get the patient discharge and help patient settle his bills with the hospital.

      Help patient and attendant settle the bills for the Guest House/ Hotel while checking out.

      Arrange transport to the Airport for the patient's return journey to his home country